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Social Media & Your Business: Why It’s Important To Capitalize on the Big 6

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As a millennial I have the mindset that I need to claim my name on every new major social media platform that comes out, I want my username to be consistent with each social network in case I want to start to utilize it to build on my personal brand. This is the mindset businesses should have when approaching social media.

The first step in creating your company’s social media plan is to create accounts. Not every company’s audience will use Facebook or Twitter, but in this digital age it’s critical for your company to have a presence on those networks. There are no ifs or buts about it. It is a must. The main reason for making sure your company has profiles on the two most significant and important social networks, Facebook and Twitter, is that you do not want someone else to snag it, leaving you trying to figure out an accurate, easy to remember handle or Facebook account.

Personally, one of my biggest regrets in social media is not getting onto Twitter earlier, I signed up in early 2009 but my name was already taken as a handle. I resorted to my first initial, last name and last two digits of my year of birth. For me, this hurts my personal brand. I am the first Caroline Egan on Facebook, Carolinegan on Instagram, and Caroline Egan on Vine. My Twitter handle is inconsistent, making it harder for people to find me and have my own personal brand visible and clear. As a business owner, you are consistent in your service or product make sure you are consistent on the Internet.

Aside from gaining visibility and showing that you are a company living in the 21st century, social networks give companies a chance to show their personality. Each social media platform engages a different form and way to demonstrate what is unique about your company. It is possible that your industry has it’s own social network, builders, designers and contractors have Houzz to utilize that was made to share projects and ideas and allow for likeminded professionals to connect without all of the ‘fluff’ on Pinterest or Twitter. As an example, let’s say I own a bakery. How would my bakery utilize each social major media platform and how would my company’s personality shine through? Are there any social networks specifically for my industry?

Facebook:Business hours, press, allows customers to contribute their own experiences at my bakery, selectively post aggregated content from other SM platforms

Twitter:Updates. Linking all your social media sites to Twitter is acceptable. I would not recommend that practice on Facebook (it clutters people’s feeds and they will unlike you!)

LinkedIn:I would have a page for myself and my accomplishments, in case you want to expand your business it never hurts to have a corporate page.

Instagram:Pictures of my products, events, people in the store enjoying the baked  goods.

Vine:This is can be fun, Vining is the newest SM tool that is probably the most difficult to perfect. 7 Seconds to create an interesting video, you can pause and continue but need to keep the app open. For Vine, I would try to vine the steps that go into making my products. How do those cupcakes go from bland to over the top with fondant art? Vine it!

Pinterest:Creating boards that showcase my bakery’s products and what inspires me as a baker or showcase your recipes with the more detailed Pinterest options that have been rolled out.  I could also make boards for other things that I like, showing my entire personality getting people to want to come in and meet me because I seem like a fun person.

The reason why millennials love social media so much is that it lets us explore different mediums in a risk free way, take a bad picture on Instagram with my phone? Delete it. Discover that you are really good with limiting your characters to 140? Become a Twitter star. Plus it is not that hard to use these platforms once you explore them. Social media allows businesses to not only interact and market themselves to customers but also show their personality. So when you start your business or if you are already established, create those accounts as soon as possible. Follow similar companies or people in your industry, see how they set themselves apart and lure an audience and try to emulate that but with your own personal touch.

Writen by Caroline Egan a Turnover Team Member

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